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Art in Action

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What is Art in Action?

Art in Action is our school's art program dependent on parent volunteers (1 docent and 2-3 helpers per class) to provide art in the classrooms of our Kindergarten through 5th graders at Henry Ford. It is a discipline-based, sequential art curriculum designed around the works of the great masters. The curriculum typically comprises 108 lessons, 12 each year from kindergarten through fifth grade. The Art n Action program is aligned with California and National Visual Arts Standards and integrated with other elements of our core curriculum. Typically taught by classroom parent volunteers (and in some cases teachers) Art in Action curriculum is fun to learn and easy to teach, even for non-artists. Curriculum books provide detailed, recipe-style directions for guiding successful discussions and projects, while still allowing the flexibility to ensure that the Art in Action program will complement any classroom environment. We are so fortunate at Henry Ford Elementary School to have this program available to our children; however, we could not do it without the support of you, the parents.

What is Art in Action's Mission?

The mission of the Art in Action program is that "art education is basic to enriching students' lives by developing creativity, critical thinking, self-expression, and cultural awareness. Art in Action offers a discipline-based, sequential visual art curriculum that teaches art appreciation, art history, and art techniques and further assists educators with training and support, enabling them to integrate visual art into the learning experience of every student."

How Do I Sign Up To Volunteer?

We are so glad you asked! This is such a fun way to get involved in your child's class. Without parent volunteers, our Art in Action program would not be a success. Contact your child's teacher and also contact our AIA School Coordinator, Mrs. Federica Belli, today!

Is There Training for Parent Volunteers?

Trainings sessions are offered usually at the beginning of each year for parent volunteers, so signing up early is very important. The purpose of these special trainings are to inform classroom docents and helpers the about AIA and specifics on the curriculum for teaching at each grade level. If you are interested or want more information, please contact our AIA School Coordinator today!

What's Covered in Training

Guiding a discussion of the masterpieces, key concepts, and vocabulary used in each lesson:

  • Docents practice asking interpretive questions, helping students understand each masterpiece, and transitioning from discussion of the masterpiece to demonstration of the project.

Demonstrating techniques for each project:

  • Docents review sketching, drawing, and clay techniques and learn how to use various mediums while creating mini versions of several projects.

Creating a positive classroom atmosphere:

  • Docents learn tips on encouraging students to express their observations during discussion and extend their art skills during the project.

Managing the classroom or art room:

  • Docents learn how to set up, clean up, and store materials .

Integrating the lessons into the general curricula:

  • Docents learn how to incorporate Art in Action lessons into language arts, social studies, science, music, and math .


We welcome your involvement, as either a docent or a helper this year! Thank you kindly, for joining our wonderful group of parent volunteers and making a difference in the lives of our students.

Please direct all Art in Action questions to Mrs. Federica Belli, our School Coordinator at