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Henry Ford School

2498 Massachusetts Avenue
Redwood City,
CA 94061


Our Administration and Office Staff



Jennifer Knopf

Assistant Principal

Nichole Crawford

Office Manager

Office Assistant

Shaunna Ingersoll

Lizette Vargas

Our Resource Teachers and Staff



part days Wednesday & Friday


Reading Intervention Teacher

Chris Terborgh
Monday - Thursday
Room 5



Beatriz Cerillo

RSP Teacher Abigail Bright
Resource Room 16
RSP Teacher Elizabeth Lawrence
Resource Room 16
RSP Teacher Julie Vasquez
Resource Room 16
Star Vista

Janet Siegel
Room 15
School Psychologist

Cecilia Meza
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
Room 15

Our Kindergarten Teachers



Pam Barasch
Room 1


Debbie Figaro
Room 2


Amy Barstad
Room 3

Our 1st-5th Grade Teachers


1st Grade 

Lourdes Conde
Room 8

1st Grade

Abbey Morey
Room 9
2nd Grade Julie Kraus
Room 12
2nd Grade

Josephina (Ms. JJ) Schneider

Room 14

2nd Grade

Heather Harney

Room 13

3rd Grade Steven Borg
Room 22
3rd Grade  Carolyn Steinzeig
Room 23
4th Grade  Steven Murray
Room 25
4th Grade  Sandra Covacha
Room 26
4th Grade  Jeanne Martin
Room 27
5th Grade John Poul Holm
Room 19
5th Grade Stacey Koolpe
Room 20
5th Grade Angie Teupel
Room 21

Our K-5 Instructional and Inclusion Assistants


Instructional Assistant

Marisol Mendoza

Instructional Assistant

Maria Carranza

Instructional Assistant Kimberly Rafello
Instructional Assistant Jennifer Garcia

Our Special Day Class Teachers


Special Day Class Teacher K-2

Marielena Gaona-Mendez
Room 6

Room 6 Instructional Aide

Deborah Estassi
Leticia Fregoso Martinez

Special Day Class Teacher 3-5

Stephanie Seeger
Room 17
Room 17 Instructional Aides

Robyn Hanson
Elena Villacorta


Our Support Staff



Mariafe Adamson 650-482-2487


Josephine Guera 650-482-2487