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Emergency Procedures

Henry Ford, along with all school in the District, practice the San Mateo County Big Five Emergency Procedures.

Each classroom has an exit map and emergency information posted near the exit door.  This information is updated each year by the office staff.  Fire Drills, one Earthquake Drill and two Lockdown drills are held throughout the school year.  It is important that students remain quiet and move to the appropriate designated safe place during each drill.  For the safety of each student during a real emergency, the following procedures will be used: 

*It is important to have emergency cards updated with contact people and current phone numbers.  Under no circumstances will a child be released until an authorized adult arrived to pick them up.

*The safety of all is of paramount importance.

Henry Ford staff are trained in first aid, CPR and AED procedures.  There is a disaster plan that is reviewed yearly at the start of school.  The AED is located in the office and MUR (cafeteria).                                                                                                                                 

In case of an emergency or disaster, please tune to the following radio stations for instructions:                                         KNBR 680 (English) or KIQOI 1010 (Spanish)